Making Human Resources accessible to small businesses

When employees have clear performance expectations, policies, and objectives, job satisfaction and productivity increase. Having clear processes and policies empowers business owners and managers to make better and more objective decisions. 

Benefits of hiring an HR consultant:

  • protects your company against lawsuits and fines
  • reduces employee complaints and dissatisfaction
  • improves employee morale and productivity
  • compliance with local, state, and federal laws
  • better hiring decisions
  • increases employee retention
  • develops employee-supervisor relationships
  • increases business value


As a business owner, I’ve had the opportunity to utilize Nanette Carvalho’s extensive knowledge and skillset for many years. She has advised and assisted us on so many levels as a company. She has helped us keep our business in compliance will all HR rules and regulations as well as assisted us in growing our employees professionally and individually. I highly recommend Nanette Carvalho for all HR needs.


Business Owner and Professional, Georgia

I work with small businesses who often can’t afford an HR person yet should still have someone in their corner

I’m passionate about helping businesses build their infrastructure. Together we create processes and policies which set the tone for the company culture and provide clear performance expectations.

Get the expertise of a human resources consultant with over 20 years in the industry. When I work one on one with you, I become familiar with your company, your employees, and your challenges, making me part of your team.

You’ll always receive fast, professional, and thorough HR services, whether you’re local or in a different state.

Is it time you hired a human resources consultant?

Small companies need Human Resources just as much as large companies do. When you work with me, these services are affordable and bring value to your business as well as benefit your bottom line. With my knowledge and experience, your company is in good hands. Let's talk about how I can support your business!